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           Abandoned Rifle
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  I was recently contacted to identify a lonely rifle abandoned in a house far away.   My first thoughts were, where is it, I want it. I can save this rifle!   As I thought about the rifle more and more I thought that if I did have the rifle I would simply hang it on the wall.  

  So I started digging to find out where this rifle might be.  It wasnt long before I realized there was a lot more to this story than a rifle leaning against a wall.  What the heck happened to this house, where did the owners go?   The rifle itself is one of 40 images the artist/photographer Michelle Bowers took of this house.  

   The rifle itself appears to be a G/K43 missing its buttplate and magazine.  Clearly the weather has taken its toll on the metal and wood.  Did the butt plate screws fall out due to rotten wood or insects.  Perhaps a trespasser picked it up and the butt plate fell off.   We will never the story of this rifle.  Even if I could find the owners how could I ask about the rifle when the entire household is left intact.  My imagination runs wild with possibilities.
Was the owner a crusty old fart that stepped on more toes than most.  Did he die alone and no one could give a rats ass?    Maybe it belonged to a beloved husband who passed leaving the wife behind, so she kept it in the corner all those years until she passed leaving no one behind.

  Perhaps she was broken hearted and her kids came to pick her up.  Maybe they took her away from the sad run down house that once was cozy and warm but now is just memories and run down stuff.  Like so many houses we drive by every day and wonder, what's the story with that place? I bet it was something in the day.   The only facts that I know are, this house is in the middle of no where with a working pig farm next door.
Clearly no one of the farm has any interest in house or its contents.   Out of respect would be my guess.  

Ok Ok so where is it?  I think that by now you have guessed that it resides in rural America.  Michelle has actually created a facebook page "Abandoned Homes in NC just for fun". To be honest that could be Abandoned Homes in you pick the place.    Check it out her page will make you sad, and make you ponder.   What makes people walk away?   Michelle draws you in with her splendid photography and then lets us the reader take it from there. 

Thanks Michelle for sharing, clearly people are taking an interest and even going as far as
investigating some of these homes to return property to those surviving.  There you have it,  the making of  yet another reality show.