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Restoring History One Weapon at a Time
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"Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster."
William Tecumseh Sherman
Brand New Vet Section
We build and restore weapons for Vets. 

Just a sample of our work below.
We can restore, build, age, weather, most anything.


We have now branched out and work on pretty much anything Military.   We love building Vets the rifles they once carried or as close as we legally can.   What started out as a hobby has turned into a small business but still fun.  We can build weapons that dont fire if you prefer something so real it would fool the best of them. 
We have restored things from the Civil War up through modern day.     Right now Veitnam M16a1 clones are favorite.
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You can see a lot of our work in facebook group "Restoring History one Weapon at a time"  we also started that same group on recently.     

This site has morphed over the years as Vintage rifles have dried up for the most part.  We no longer carry any G41 or G43 parts.  While We do get in them to restore or repair from time to time we no longer go looking for them.