This page is dedicated to all of our Vets. I have had the pleasure
of finding, building and or restoring many of their favorite weapons over
the years.  These are not your normal lightweight AR's
Below is a sample of some of those Vets and their weapons.
Anti Gun CEO's and their companies is a licensed Class 2 SOT dealer.   We do buy, trade, sell, repair and restore WW2 to current Weapons. Specializing in G41 and G-K43's, M16s. M14,s M1s


My good friend Ret Col Bryant,  whom I've yet to meet in person.  When the Col. wanted among other things an MG42 in 8mm semi auto.   He sent me his kit.  See more of the Col things below.
He got back a working semi. 
Click this link to see it in action  

The Marine Vet to the left really liked his M16a4.  We have a mutual friend and all three of us built A4s.  Yup the squad leaders looked the best! 


This Vets favorite weapon was his m14a1.
Shown here along side the Tigris River Near Taji, Iraq
I had the pleasure of building this gentleman a Colt  M16a1 in semi of course. What he really wanted was that m14 back.  :)  He liked the M16a1 because he carried one in South Korea patroling the border with North Korea

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One of our m16a1 clones iis being used for a safety demontration in a local Museum located in Texas.


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The Colt M16a2 went to to a retired Army Sgt in Ark.  The lower was demilled but we restored it in semi only. All Colt.

This beautifully restored German G43 WW2 rifle went to a ret Army Col in Louisana.  He is 90 years old now. 

Ret Army 1 Stars Colt M4.  First time that I even spoke to General.  :)   He wanted a real deal Colt M4.


We built 3 of  these FN M16a4s - Semi auto Govt Issue marked lower.  One sold to a Ret Army Vet - One is on Gunbroker now.  I kept one for myself.

This ww2 Russian Sniper was built for and purchased by a young enlisted US Army Corp.  Its good to see the young guys into history.

The pictures below are of retired / resting in peace Army officer Major Bowling.  Distingquish Korean and Vietnam Vet.  He then flew with the Silver Eagles before going into the private sector. As a gift from the oldest son to his kid brother he asked me recreate theirs Dads Nam M16a1.    That rifle is shown below.  I hope you enjoy it guys.


Ret Colornel Byant seen here reviewing the days
haul.   Look at the old Russian weaponry recovered in a weapons cache in Afghanistan.

One of the Col. duties were to hunt out, confiscate and or destroy large weapons caches.   Sometimes they went to the Afghan troops in training and other times they were destroyed.    Our guys had to be very careful sometimes they were booby trapped.

Ret Major Bowling.  Click to enlarge
    Retired Vietnam Navy Vet wanted a Xm177
style rilfe to pass down to his son at some point.